Divorce Financial Planning
With a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

We provide divorce financial planning services for individuals or couples going through a divorce or domestic partnership dissolution.  By using a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst who focuses on the long-term, the family has a better chance of protecting its' financial security during and after the divorce. 

Several dynamics are involved in divorce: emotional, legal, and financial.  In many cases, an individual going through a divorce is unaware of the financial ramifications of their contemplated settlement agreement.  Issues such as budgeting, property division, tax liabilities, family support, and business and pension valuation are all interdependent elements of the divorcing family’s financial future.  Just the fact that two households will have to be supported on potentially the same income level that previously supported one, underscores the importance of financial planning during this difficult time.

The Divorce Financial Analyst is specially trained to analyze the economic circumstances of the family and assist it in reaching creative solutions to what may be difficult financial problems.  The Divorce Financial Analyst acts as a neutral in the divorce process to address the immediate financial concerns and long-term goals, helping the couple to reach a mutually satisfactory and informed settlement. 

Buena Vista Financial Resources will provide the expertise, tools and guidance you need to make informed financial decisions and helps you prepare for your new life.  Our fee-only divorce financial planning services include:  




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